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4/3/2020 - Four Major Hurricanes predicted in 2020

4/2/2020 - City Update

4/1/2020 - Curfew in Effect

3/29/20 - Sales of Alcohol 

3/21/20 - Emergency City Council Meeting on 3/24/20

3/19/20 - City Update

3/16/20 - City Hall Closed to Public

3/16/20 - Cancellation of City Events

3/16/20 - Executive Update

3/13/20 - Bogalusa Court Dates


City Update

 For Immediate Release - April 2,2020 update   

Mayor Wendy Perrette    

City of Bogalusa   

First I hope this finds you safe and well and if you and your Family  are suffering from or been exposed to COVID19 know that you remain in my  constant prayers.   

Throughout this crisis I have been straightforward and direct about what Bogalusa needs.   

Right now Bogalusa needs our Citizens to stay at home.   


I fully understand as much as anyone that a single Mother without the availability of childcare may need to bring Her children to the grocery  store...   

 Get in   

 Get what you need   

 Go home.   

Playgrounds are wonderful opportunities for Families to interact among themselves they are NOT opportunities for parties and pickup  basketball games. The continued actions of some of our Citizens has led  to protective measures being enacted throughout the City,specifically at  those locations where individuals continue to congregate.   

Sadly some of our Citizens have selfishly refused to comply with the Stay at Home orders of Gov.Edwards.   

Therefore on April 1,2020,I enacted a citywide curfew from 9pm until 5am.   

Make no mistake,this curfew will be enforced-how strictly is up to you.   

Unless you are a health care worker or an employee going/coming from work-STAY AT HOME. This crisis will get worse before it gets better but maybe if we work together we will see it end sooner.   

I am proud of our City.   

Please continue to monitor and City of Bogalusa on FB.   

Social distancing equals social responsibility.   







As of today, April 1st, Washington Parish has 39 confirmed cases of  Covid-19 and two deaths. However, only 209 tests have been performed.  Our neighboring parishes reported 270 cases in St. Tammany Parish, and  33 cases in Tangipahoa Parish. There are over 6,400 confirmed cases  statewide. Unfortunately, we expect, based on all available information  and the current daily upward trend, that the numbers will continue to  rise for a time. We encourage our citizens to continue to use all  mitigation strategies put out by the C.D.C., follow advice and  guidelines from Government officials, stay informed, and let’s do all  that we can to stop the spread of this deadly virus. Social distancing,  no large gatherings, hand washing, etc. will work if we all work  together.   

In order to do all that we can to help stop the spread of the Corona  virus and keep our residents safe, the City of Bogalusa is announcing a  citywide curfew, which will go into effect tonight. The curfew is in  place from 9 pm until 5 am, and is in effect until further notice.  Businesses deemed essential, as well as employees deemed essential, are  exempt from the curfew if travelling to and from work. Some essential  businesses who may be closed to the public, still have employees at work  during the night time hours.    

The Bogalusa Police Department will begin enforcement of the curfew  beginning at 9 pm tonight, April 1st. We ask the cooperation and support  of our citizens for the safety of our community in this fight against  the virus.   

We understand that the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office will also  be implementing a parish wide 9 pm to 5 am curfew beginning tonight.   


The City has received several calls that the sales of alcohol will cease  at 5 pm.  This is false. Normal sale of alcohol is still in effect.    


City Update



First,even to the most casual observer it is apparent that the City of Bogalusa has risen to the challenge of COVID19.

Our  Citizens are beginning to recognize the absolute importance of social  distancing.Virtually all experts with both the WHO and the CDC agree  that this pandemic is far from over and each of us may be called on to  do much more before this crisis is ended.

Recently it was suggested on social media that the City was shutting down.

The  City of Bogalusa is open and providing services to our citizens and is  in NO danger of shutting down.Our Bogalusa Policemen are on the streets  24/7,our Bogalusa Firemen remain ever vigilant and our City  Administration and Employees are keeping the City of Bogalusa working  AND vibrant.

To be clear...ALL City services,police and fire departments are up and running.

Just like the rest of our Country the City of Bogalusa has initiated  and will maintain a policy of social distancing of at least 6ft.

Businesses and restaurants throughout Bogalusa have begun curbside and togo service(please check

Just a reminder about social responsibility... when visiting local businesses.
Please do NOT enter if you have a fever,dry cough,muscle aches or other flu like symptoms.
Please  do NOT enter if you have been in close proximity with someone who is or  may be sick with Coronavirus or Covid19 in the last 14 days.

It is fair to assume that the next few weeks will be challenging to  us all.Try to consider that if you judge a city by it’s ability to pave a  street in a crisis you will be disappointed but if you,like most of  us,are willing and responsible enough to do your part to end this  pandemic then the City of Bogalusa stands with you to see it thru to the  end.

If you own a business and are utilizing social distancing protocols  the City of Bogalusa wants to promote your business.Please email your  business info and your new hours/services to

Finally a reminder to check daily as the information and  availability of businesses and restaurants can and does change  frequently(for example the hours at WalMart have now changed to  7:00AM-8:30PM.)

Social distance equals social responsibility.

Wendy O’Quin Perrette
Mayor,City of Bogalusa


City Hall Closed to Public

 Covid-19 has caused our entire country to make drastic moves to  protect everyone including limiting contact with our fellow citizens.  Effective immediately and continuing thru April 13, City of Bogalusa offices are now closed to public contact. All offices can be reached by  telephone, 985-732-6213, 985-732-6211; email addresses are available on the website. The drive thru window will be open for your  convenience. Any information you wish to deliver in hard copy can be  dropped off in the city mail box in the rear of city hall marked for  water bills. All public meetings are now cancelled including Council  Meetings, Planning and Zoning, Parks and Parkways, and Special Events.  


Executive Order


For immediate release...
BOGALUSA, LA (3/16/20)

To the Citizens of the City of BOGALUSA, as of today’s date 03/16/2020 these are today’s updates.

In compliance with executive order this date by Governor Edwards...

All bars closed by 12:00 midnight.
All drive thrus will remain open.
All restaurants are now closed to inside dining however restaurants are encouraged to initiate curbside dining.
All pharmacies and grocery stores will remain open.

The Mayor has spoken to Mr. Kevin Wimer, Manager of Walmart in  BOGALUSA. The store is NOT closing and does NOT plan on closing. The  only change is that the BOGALUSA Walmart has new hours for curbside  pickup. Those hours are now 11:00 A.M.-7:00 P.M. daily.

Remember we are all in this together as we weather these very  difficult times together. Social distance equals social responsibility.

God Bless the City of BOGALUSA and God Bless Us All.

Wendy O’Quin Perrette,
Mayor, City of BOGALUSA

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