Choctaw Landfill

Choctaw Landfill is one of those essential businesses, without our  services the streets of our towns and community will soon overflow with  garbage causing health issues as well as environmental contaminations.  We want to serve our community but at the same time we must take all  precautions to protect our employees as well as all residents of our  parish.   

However, due to COVID19 and the executive order issued by Governor  Edwards we are taking precautions by temporarily limiting the type of  waste accepted at our facility.    

Commercial waste haulers will continue as usual.   

Waste accepted from residents:   

  1. Household garbage   

  2. Food waste   

  3. Any other waste that is prone to rapid decomposition, cause odor and spread bacteria or cause  air or water contamination.   

Waste not accepted from residents at this time:   

  1. Yard trash   

  2. Tree limbs   

  3. Debris from attics and storage facilities   

  4. Any other disposal items that can wait till this virus spread is over   

In addition, we ask that you limit your number of trips to the  landfill to help slow down the spread of COVID19. If you have garbage  pickup please let the waste haulers bring your garbage. If you must come  to the landfill please limit your time in the facility and adhere the  advice from our leaders, remain at least 6 feet from other individuals.  This is not a social gathering place!    


We hope things will get back to normal soon but please help us during  this unusual and difficult time we’re all experiencing! To all our  residents we pray for safety and health for your families!  


Thank you for your cooperation!   

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