4/9/20 - Washington Parish Schools Update

4/7/20 - Northshore Charter School Bus Tour

3/30/20 - Superintendent Lisa Tanner's Update

3/26/20 - Superintendent Lisa Tanner's Newsletter 


We are saddened by the fact that Governor Edwards has extended his  order for schools to remain closed until April 30.  We miss our students  and staff but will continue to keep their safety and wellbeing as our  number one focus.     

Our “grab and go” feeding program will stop on April 8 for a short  break.  We will resume feedings on Wednesday, April 22.  The feeding  sites will continue to be Enon Elementary, Mt. Hermon, Franklinton  Primary, Thomas Elementary, and Wesley Ray Elementary schools.  Meals  can be picked up on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between the hours of  10:00 AM and 11:15 AM.    

Teachers have been reaching out to students to make sure they are  well.  Teachers are also providing resources that families may use in  order to keep students engaged in learning if they wish.  The  assignments and suggestions are completely optional.  These are not  required and will not be graded.   

Many high school students have enjoyed the Jumpstart Summer  opportunity that we have offered in the past.  It is very unfortunate  that we have had to cancel the Washington Parish Jumpstart Summer  program for this summer.    

We know that our seniors are as distraught as we are about the ending  of their last year of high school.  One area of concern for seniors are  their grades.  The Department of Education has waived all State  testing, attendance, and seat-time requirements.  We will calculate  final grades for seniors based on work that was completed prior to March  13, when school was dismissed.  Final grades for seniors will be posted  in Parent Command Center by April 30.  Any questions regarding the  final grades should be addressed via email to your school counselor or  principal.  Another area of concern is graduation ceremonies.  With the  extension of school closing, it will not be possible to host graduation  ceremonies in early May as scheduled.  However, we are not cancelling  graduations.  The ceremonies will be postponed until June or July.  We  will keep you updated as the exact dates are decided.    

This is a time of uncertainty and concern for everyone.  We will  continue to update you as we receive information and decisions are made  for our school system.  Please check our district website and our  district Facebook page on Friday mornings for regular updates.    

Stay safe, wash your hands, and keep reading!    

Frances Varnado, Superintendent   


Northshore Charter School Bus Tour

"NCS staff plans to drive throughout Bogalusa on Thursday (4/9/2020) to  see our students!  Our plan is to start at the school at 3:00pm and  drive the bus routes beginning with Mr. Mac, then Mrs. Ashley Nobles,  then Mr. Cody, then Mrs. Ashley Wheat and then ending with Mr. Calvin’s  route.  Even if your child doesn’t ride a bus, one should run very close  to your house, so please listen for the honks and hollering from all of  us and come outside to give us some “air hugs”!  We CANNOT wait to see  all of you!" 


Superintendent’s update March 30, 2020

As I write this update for you today, it is becoming more and more  evident that COVID 19 is affecting people we know and love. I pray that  each of you are doing well, and have not been affected. All of you will  continue to be in our prayers daily for comfort, health, and continued  safety in the days to come.    

Today I am reporting a change in the way that meals will be provided  to our students. After much thought and prayer we decided today would  be the last day for our buses to provide meals at sites throughout our  city. With the number of COVID19 cases continuing to rise each day in  our parish, it was imperative to cut back on this procedure in order to  contain the direct contact of people as much as possible.    
Beginning Wednesday, April 1, from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM, we will  have Grab and Go lunch and breakfasts ready for pick up at BHS and Byrd  Avenue schools. At BHS, the pick-up spot will be behind the gym and  cafeteria. There will be tables set up for pick up. At Byrd Avenue, the  pick-up will be in front of the school. You need not get out of your  car, you simply drive up and we will hand you the number of meals you  need. Please be patient as we begin this new way of distribution for  you. We will get to everyone and move as quickly as possible.    
Superintendents throughout Louisiana are eagerly awaiting a decision  from our Governor and Interim State Superintendent Beth Scioneaux as to  what will happen with schools in the near future. As you all know, the  President placed another 30-day, 6 feet social distancing proclamation  through April 30, 2020. As soon as I know something, I will pass it  along to you all.    

Please go to our website –  and look at the resources for your child that can be used to continue  learning during this time. We have done a lot of work on our site to  make it user friendly and full of information to keep our children  learning while at home. We have even included schedules for you and your  child.    
Thank you all for your patience and your kindness as we move through  this unprecedented time in our history. Continue to remain safe and  healthy. Remember – Faith before fear!    

Lisa Tanner, Superintendent    
Bogalusa City Schools    


Superintendent Tanner’s Newsletter March 26, 2020

I am happy to announce several new things to announce this week as I write today’s update.   

First, BCSS is happy to announce that we are now able to send “push  notifications” via the Educational Networks App. Due to this new APP,  BCSS stakeholders will never miss an important announcement again.   

It is necessary for each person to subscribe to the notifications.  Open your Apple App Store or Google Play APP on your smart phone and  search for Educational Networks. Once the APP is open follow the  instructions, enter Louisiana as the state, then enter Bogalusa as the  district, and then you will be able to select Bogalusa City Schools. Be  sure to allow push notifications.   


Second, we would like to ask each family to take a short survey found  on our website. Before we can move forward we would like to make sure  of the internet access our families have and the devices, if any, that  they own at home. This will help us make decisions about how to proceed  in the future with our resources and distance learning. The survey is  found on our website,,  under links, labeled distance learning survey.  Please click on it, and  answer the 4 – 5 questions on the survey to help us out.   

Graduating seniors – we are awaiting a decision as early as next week  on when and how we will hold graduation and ACT testing. The High  School Administration will be contacting parents about graduation  supplies in the week to come and how to go about getting them. Please  watch for the JCALL.   

I will continue to update our community and parents bi-weekly at the  very least with new information as we get it. For now, please stay safe  and stay at home! The only way we can get back to our normal routine is  to flatten the curve. And only WE can make that happen.   

Thank you as always for your attention to these matters and for entrusting Bogalusa City Schools with your children.   

-Lisa Tanner, Superintendent   

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